“ We make sure that your entire focus will be on your business. To help you with this we manage the entire sales process and let you focus on your business.”

Other then managing the diverse properties, the bigger challenge is managing the invoices, bills and back office processes that come with them. Every issue is multiplied by the number of properties you manage. When it comes to balancing the cost, speed and accuracy of back office processes, the answer is easy: Phalcomm.

Using the latest trends in digitization, we turn your paper processes into web-based electronic solutions for rapid approval within a day. You'll see fewer errors and instant status reports.

CRM: Contact Centre

Being data driven from systems used by field sales and accounting, Phalcomm provides its contact center agents with complete, real-time view of the customer. Being loyal to our customers, this capability help our agents to help resolve issues quicker, provide meaningful up sell and cross sell recommendation and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.

The contact center has proficiency in handling customer verification process, lead management and conducting customer satisfaction surveys. It also enables call scripts, email and text templates, and embedded process guidance to help the agents deliver the right service experience faster. 

Our contact center takes the responsibility of:

  • Advanced product training
  • Customer interaction and FAQ management
  • Financial transaction processing
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) management
  • Customer satisfaction reports
  • Mystery shopping to maintain SLA and enhance the brand image
  • Process quality assurance and compliance management that is customer centric
  • Call center operation, daily report and MTD basis

HFC Project Approval

Keeping excellent relationships with our housing loans institutes, once we are able to register the project with the institutions, we help your customers fast-track home loans. We conduct “Loan Melas” for customers to avail for best loan rates. We take responsibility of the documentation, check them for loan approvals, arrange bank officer visits to the site and ensure disbursements are received on time.

Litigation Management

Real estates being the extremely litigate sector, we step in to manage and complete the entire legal processes and help customers with better experience.

Sales Agreement

We handle the end-to-end registration process which includes drafting an agreement for sale, power of attorneys, intimation and coordination with customers who require registration, updating customer information and unit information on the agreements and franking the document.

Receivable Management

Using digitization Phalcomm is ready to move you forward with web-based work flows and outsourced processing that can cut your costs in half while providing real-time insight.  

Reviewing your entire process from top-to-bottom and deploying your updated procedures into our work flow software, we ensure that our processing staff applies your business rules & lets you drill down into any bill to review its status. With this, we can reach out to overdue accounts with reminder calls and emails, based on your business requirement.  

Here is a list of activities that we undertake:

  • Update payment schedule periodically as per policy changes.
  • Record payments history with cheque deposit tracker.
  • Manage real time bank reconciliation.
  •  Auto triggers to calculate taxes based on project locations.
  •  Manage other charges such as legal, city development or any other receipt heads.
  •   Auto calculation and reminders of interest on overdue payment.
  •     Generate payment demand letter linked to the construction plans & offers.
  •    Auto brokerage calculation.
  •     Generate payment receipts.
  •     Maintain refund tracker.
  •      Provide calculations for generating agreements, Annexure & declarations for registration documents.
  •      Flexibility to transfer unit with applicable charges.
  •      Track unit cancellations.
  •     Record financial remarks for transaction reference.