Providing good customer satisfaction and accuracy as main aim, Phalcomm makes the business of selling property faster. Pahlcomm’s software is a user friendly design which can be implemented on your website within days. The software is featured with online buying and real time brokerage; it tracks agreements, inspections and follows-ups and generates project specific reports.


Keeping in mind the complete process of a real estate industry, we at Phalcomm have uniquely designed lead management system which seamlessly captures leads from all marketing campaign sources – inbound email, online campaigns, phone calls, website, chat, lead generation from websites and more. With its features like Lead Capturing, nurturing, sales management, Marketing Analytic’s, Call Centre Management , Engaging, Tracking and Connecting with newly generated leads instantly, makes the work flow easy and faster.

Online Inventory

Our inventory management system keeps our distributor agents connected real time with the available inventory and it’s budget snapshot on the go. This system allows every distributor to effectively manage their leads and track follow ups for better conversions. All important updates and reports are available online -24/7. 

It allows customers (home buyers) to check for available flats and quotations, enabling them book & make payments online. The receipts, allotment letters and demand letters are system generated to ensure accuracy at its best. They can download their agreement online, making the system robust and transparent.   

This system has the following modules

Unit inventory management based on project structure

Addition of master layouts, building plans, floor plans and units plans

Inventory segregation based on segments such as type, unit type and categories

Use of Microsoft Excel to import unit inventory for easy setup

Real time updates on sales inventory to control double bookings and sales transactions

Payment gateway

Document Control

With the use of digitization we secure, scan and store your paper documents for easy retrieval. You can electronically sign, store and send documents ensuring paperless system. 

Our advanced technology supports effortless transactions of receipt issuance, allotment letter generation, loan-sanction letter acceptance and updating of records, acceptance of bank drafts for registration and handling possession related documentation.

Error Free Management

Understanding the value of the data integrity of our clients, Phalcomm aims to maintain the highest standards of privacy. With a truly transparent automated system, Phalcomm ensures no room for errors or duplication.

We accomplish this through the creation of various user groups, defining the levels of permission, creating administrator access, staff access, distributor access and client access respectively. Online booking and E-commerce offers both the agent and the buyer real value and complete authenticity.

Data Safety

It is challenging when it comes to data handling because we lose precious information whether to a system crash or to hackers, which may result in business failure.

We strongly believe in having a “Plan B”, hence we have a backup process in place. Our systems have an automatic daily back up as well as a manual back up of data, which will help us restore any data that may have been lost. In addition to this, we also have Chinese wall security parameters for database access for each user level.

Reports & Trend Tracking

Trend tracking helps you to focus on what is working with your customers and therefore recognizes with laser accuracy your chances for success. 

Phalcomm accomplishes these results with in depth research and creation of detailed reports that help us analyse your customer behaviour in real time.