Brands are not about a logo, but about a promise and reputation. We believe the lack of trust in the housing sector is because of a paucity of well branded products & companies. The market is incredibly fragmented.

Phalcomm is setting up the standards for branding housing companies to ensure great brands are built & through that values, so everyone knows who they're dealing with, who owns the property & who's reputation is at stake.

Lead Generation

More leads means more calls. We ensure every marketing campaign is connected to generate good quality leads.

Media Buying

Selecting the right audience is crucial. We can identify your target audience and their preferred media at the best possible price.

Mystery Shopping

We help improve your services at your customer touch points through a series of evaluations that check employee’s soft skills, customer interaction, and completion of mandatory service protocol.

3D Rendering

We bring together architects, visualizers and interior designers to design the best tailored imagery solutions for your brand.

BTL Advertising

We will see BTL campaigns from start to finish, identifying the target audience, planning operations, allocating, training staff and designing branding collateral.


From Website design & development to SEO - we have all the expertise you need to create a competitive online platform and get the exposure you deserve.

TV Commercial

We are dedicated to design unique & creative solutions through TV commercials, Corporate Films, Radio jingles, Brochures, Print adverts, etc.

Public Relations

We offer our strategic counsel to communicate with reporters, taking advantage of opportunities across press, TV & the internet to build your corporate image.


We provide in-depth consumer understanding backed by extensive research and data. We work with top analysts to offer you the most accurate lead modeling, scorings and road maps.